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Garden fountains

If you are looking to build garden fountains, chances are that it might take a little bit of homework on your part.

When installing garden ponds, it is important that you be able to find the right place to put it. Before you do any kind of excavating for a fountain like this, you need to check the location of the security lines. It is important to always call the power company before you dig to make sure that there are no dangers. Read more :  worx gt 2.0 reviews .
The beauty of the garden should also be considered. Even though garden fountains are nice things to have in the garden, they often should not be the focal point of the garden. Rather, they should serve as accents to the overall garden area.
Sometimes there are things like building permits that builders of garden fountains sometimes need. In some areas, if a water feature is deeper than 18 inches and calls for a plumbing connection or electrical wiring, you may need a building permit to build it. Sometimes there are homeowner associations that limit what you can or cannot do when it comes to garden fountains.
You should do your best to find a budget before you start and then stick to the budget throughout the process. Get subcontractors to give you a good faith estimate before they begin.
Lastly, you need to determine if your fountain will contain fish or plants. Having fish will help keep the mosquito population down. Some plants are able to thrive better than others in wet conditions so they may or may not be useful for garden fountains.

Garden pond supplies

The kinds and types of garden pond supplies included in your pond are definitely up to you, but there are a few items that are necessary for the health of your pond to have. Some of the necessary items include:
• Filters – If there are any kinds of fish or other creatures that will be living in your pond, this is one of the most important garden pond supplies to have. Without the proper filters, it will be much more difficult for fish to thrive and survive.
• Plants – These are garden pond supplies that can come to you in one of a couple of options. Some people find it harder to cultivate plants near ponds so instead of planting and growing real plants, they instead will use fake plants. Of course, there are others who would not dare to put fake plants in a natural garden so they do not.
• Fish – Most often when a person is going to stock a pond near their house, they will use koi fish. Koi are pretty tough fish and are able to survive in harsh conditions. This makes them a perfect choice for being out in the elements.
All of these garden pond supplies can help you in doing what you need to do to keep your garden looking great. There are other supplies that you can use, but as long as you have the essential items that you need, your pond should look great.

The Kitchen Food Salon, Freeport, Maine
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The Prep Kitchen offers a menu of meal choices each month.

Look through the menu options and choose the meals you'd like to have.
Schedule the date you’d like to pick up your meal kits (click on the “Schedule” link above), select your meals and tell us a little about yourself. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after completing your order.





We will personalize your order to your tastes.

If you’d like extra garlic, let us know. If you don’t want onions or mushrooms, tell us that, too. We will create your meal kits to your preferences, from scratch, the same way you would do it if you had the time.
We even include easy to follow cooking instructions.
You will have a healthy and flavorful home cooked dinner on the table quickly and easily, without all the prep work, and with much less clean up and stress.

Our goal is to encourage overworked, overscheduled people to sit down to a relaxed family dinner and take the time to enjoy each other's company over good food. Get to know your family again, for at least a few hours each week.
The Prep Kitchen uses the freshest ingredients to create delicious, healthy foods for your family ( Best Food Slicers Review ). We include whole grain options; we use brown rice; we make our sauces using olive oil. We don't use canned soups or processed cheese products in our recipes. We create real food from real ingredients.

We know how important variety is. We also keep our eye on providing wholesome food. We want dinner to be flavorful and interesting, bringing the whole family back to the table. Our goal is to make good food that we can feel good about - and we want you to feel good about it, too.

For more information, or to answer specific questions, please email or call us.

Ready From Our Freezer

Grab & Go Meals

Looking for a quick and easy meal for one? Try our selection of microwave meals, created at The Prep Kitchen from our own recipes. They make a great lunch or dinner in minutes without food additives or preservatives. It’s real food fast.
We also have a selection of assembled meal kits, built to serve 2-3 people, ready for you to take home and cook for dinner tonight.

Soups From Scratch

We make many of our soups from scratch in our own kitchen, and the rest come from Kettle Cuisine, where they make soups from scratch in small batches in their kitchen. Regardless of where they are made, we offer soups from the best ingredients created with care. You’ll taste the difference whether you pick up ready to eat soup from our lunch counter or take home a pint from our freezer.

Cookie Dough

Just desserts! We make our cookie dough from scratch, using the same great ingredients we use at home – real butter, real vanilla extract, King Arthur’s unbleached flour, real eggs – blended by hand then wrapped up in one pound logs, ready to be sliced and baked in your own kitchen. Each log makes at least a dozen scrumptious cookies. Check our Grab & Go page for current selection.
If you have any questions regarding our food, or any aspect of our food preparation, please don't hesitate to ask us.
What's in the freezer today?

Our Philosophy

Food is an essential part of life. Food doesn't only nourish the body; it nourishes the soul. It is an intricate part of every family gathering and holiday celebration. For better or worse, we all have our own relationships with food. At The Prep Kitchen, we understand that.

Wendy Wren, owner of The Prep Kitchen, has a lifelong love of food and food preparation. Her first job at age 16 was working at a Maine summer camp as a kitchen assistant. She is ServSafe certified and ensures all safe food practices are observed. She has worked in restaurants, with caterers, and as a hotel food and beverage manager. At large family gatherings, you're more likely to find her in the kitchen than the living room. As a working mother, she understands the daily crush of trying to find new and different meals that are easy to fix for a family who wants to eat a good dinner without the time - and energy - to do it properly. When she first heard about this meal preparation concept, she was so intrigued that she drove two and a half hours to the south side of Boston to try it out. After serving the food to her family, she knew it was a great idea and knew she had to bring it to Greater Portland.



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